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We specialize in portable mosquito nets, canopy mosquito netting and bed nets for travel or at home.

Our free-standing mosquito nets are designed to provide the maximum possible protection against mosquitos, fleas, and bed bugs under almost any conditions.

When not in use, they are surprisingly light-weight and compact. A one person Skeeter Defeater weighs only 1 pound (454 gm) including poles and stuff-sack!

Our Products

  • The Travel Tent

    The ultimate Free-Standing Mosquito Net. Use almost anywhere to protect against Mosquitos, No-see-ums, Bed Bugs and spiders. Fits easily into a carry-on bag.

  • The Travel Tent II

    This lightweight Mosquito Net keeps out both flying and crawling insects. Extra small packing size.

  • The Skeeter Defeater

    A basic Free-Standing Bed Net that weighs only 16oz and protects against flying insects. Available in two sizes.

  • The Original Readynet

    'Instant' mosquito netting canopy. Ideal for travel or around the home.

  • The Savanna

    This spacious mosquito nettting canopy suspends from just one string. A quality product made in the USA.

    ***** SUPER SALE! *****

    Was $69.00 NOW $49.00 + Free Shipping (USA Only)
  • The Tradewind

    Elegant and flowing, this extra spacious mosquito netting canopy suspends from a single point. A quality product made in USA.

  • The Readynet II

    A larger version 'instant' net that is ideal for beds, cots, and lounge chairs.

  • Travel Sheets and Accessories

    Nothing like having your own sheets and pillow!

  • Water Purification

    Don't want to take chances with the local water? Purify your own quickly and easily.

  • Extra Protection

    Permethrin is recommended by the World Heath Organization for treating bednets and clothing as a second line of defence against moquitoes and other insects.

Letters From Abroad

I have received the travel tent and it is beyond expectations, it is of outstanding design. The internal space is more than adequate, it's assembly is simple, and the poles are of plentiful strength and flexibility. It will fulfill my needs exactly. And hopefully keep me bite free and sleeping sound on my travels.

Email from South Korea

I had a wonderful time using your Travel Tent in Niger and Mali. It was just as you had said… that I would feel so secure and comfortable knowing that nothing could crawl on me or bite me… and with that I slept wonderfully well, even better than in the States!

Liza | www.africanomad.com

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    +1 (800) 359-6040
  • Worldwide
    +1 (510) 540-4763

Mosquito Nets For Travel

Our free-standing Bed Nets are exceptionally light-weight and compact. They can be used under almost any conditions to provide reliable protection against a wide range of biting insects.

In many areas of the world, biting insects are not only a nuisance, but also pose a serious health threat. Sleeping under a bed net is highly recommended by the World Health Organization and the U.S Center for Disease Control to reduce the risk of exposure to Malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Chagas, and other insect transmitted diseases.

Our Travel Tent offers the ultimate in portable protection against all types of biting insects.

Mosquito Nets For Home

These attractive yet functional canopy nets can be used to keep out a variety of flying insects as well as for home decoration.