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The Travel Tent

This portable mosquito net / bed net is free-standing and fully enclosed to provide an unsurpassed level of protection against mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, fleas, No-See-Um's, and other biting insects.

The Travel Tent can be used on any bed or on the ground, no external support is required. A breathable rip-stop nylon floor keeps out crawling insects and extends 10" up the sides in case you lean against it during the night (mosquitoes can bite through netting).

Highly recommended when preventing all types of insect bites is essential for maintaining health and comfort.


***** No Longer Available *****


  • Optimum size for bed-top use (standard tents are too long)
  • 'No-See-Um' netting stops the smallest of insects
  • Sides, for extra protection
  • Floor stops fleas, bed bugs, spiders & other crawling insects
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles for easy assembly
  • Zippered Door, for easy entrance
  • Extension at bottom of door for an additional 7″ (18cm) of foot-room if needed
  • Pocket for keeping valuables close-by
  • May be treated with Permethrin. See Extra Protection
  • Prefer your own bedding? See our Travel Sheets

One Person Size

Model:  #301
Dimensions: 33″ Width x 46″ Height x 73″ Length (80″ when extended) (84cm x 117cm x 185cm (203cm when extended))
Netting: No-See-um Netting. Approx. 800 holes per square inch
Floor: Breathable Ripstop Nylon
Total Weight: 2.1lb (953 grams)
Stuff-Bag Size: 4.25″ dia. x 18″ (11cm dia x 46cm)
Price: $89.
Two Person Size No Longer Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you get it to me before I leave?
A. Almost always, Yes! We ship within one business day and can use Next Day Air if necessary. See Shipping and Ordering for details.

Q. What is the difference between the Travel Tent and the Travel Tent II?
A. The Travel Tent offers a higher level of protection and convenience. This is due to the solid floor which extends up the sides to prevent bites through the netting. For convenience, the Travel Tent also has shock-corded poles and a zipper door.

Q. What is the difference between the Travel Tent and the Skeeter Defeater?
A. The Skeeter Defeater offers basic protection against flying insects while the Travel Tent offers an extraordinarily high level of protection against all types of insect.

Q. I'm 6′ 2″, will the Travel Tent be big enough for me?
A. Yes, the Travel Tent has a 7″ extension at the bottom of the door for those who need to put their feet out past the end of the bed.

Q. Can I use the Travel Tent outside?
A. You can use it just about anywhere. It doesn't need any external support.

Q. What keeps the Travel Tent from falling off the bed?
A. Your weight is on the floor of the net. The Travel Tent can't fall off as long as you are in it.

Q. What is a shock-corded pole?
A. Shock-corded means that there is an elastic cord on the inside of the pole. This makes it very easy to assemble, and very difficult to loose a pole section.

Q. Does the Travel Tent have less air circulation that the Travel Tent II?
A. All 3 free-standing nets have about the same surface area of netting so they all breath equally well.